How to Prepare Your Warehouse for e-Commerce Growth

E-Commerce Online Marketing Strategy Corporate ConceptIs the warehouse you currently use prepared for e-commerce growth? Or are the ones you’re looking at prepared? What if you work at a warehouse? How can warehouses prepare for inevitable e-commerce growth? 

Order Picking

No matter what the industry, the most labor-intensive and costly activity for most warehouses is order-picking. What can help that process? How about an LED light system that helps direct operators to the correct pallet or shelf quickly? Pick-to-light systems can help improve accuracy, proficiency and productivity. 

Lift Trucks

Many warehouses use lift trucks. Investing in lift trucks with intuitive control panels can help improve operational efficiency. And simple things like improving ergonomics and comfort for warehouse workers can help retain valued employees. 

Employee Training

Thanks to technology, workers can be trained using e-learning modules and virtual reality. These technologies have the ability to pinpoint a person’s weak areas and work with them on those particular things they need the most help with– thus improving proficiency. 


Finally, in order to be well-prepared for e-commerce growth, warehouses can utilize rentals when needed. With rentals, there should be flexibility in changing out equipment, the ability to consolidate payments into one invoice, and easy returns at the end of the lease. 

Incremental Improvement

Warehouses that concentrate on keeping up with trends and/or being “ahead of the trends” can adapt best to the ever-changing demands of today’s economy. Warehouse managers should have an attitude of “continuous improvement.” They should look and see where their warehouses need to make monetary and/or personnel investments in order to handle the ever-increasing demands of their business. 

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