Minnesota | Warehouse Services

With such a diverse economy in Minnesota, we have warehousing facilities that can handle a variety of different industries. From agricultural to metals, our facilities have the proper storage, services, and location your company needs be logistically effective.

Let us find your company public warehousing in Minnesota. With locations in Minneapolis, we can help ship and store goods to not only the entire state of Minnesota, but to Canada, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana and Michigan in just one day’s trip. Both our facilities are close to I-94, which travels through Chicago and onto Detroit and I-35, which travels to the Twin Ports in Duluth. That port is the 19th-busiest port in America, handling over 44 million short tons per year.

Minnesota is home to plenty of agriculture — an industry leader in exporting sweet corn, green peas, and turkeys. The Land of 10,000 lakes also exported 75 percent of the countries iron ore in 2004, and it also calls home to many biomedical and food processing industries.

With such a wide-range of companies and industries, we have the public warehouses in Minneapolis, Minnesota to match. Give us a call to inquire about using one of our public or contract warehouses today.

Minnesota Warehouse Locations:
Minneapolis, MN