Missouri | Warehouse Services

Missouri has a nice mix of agricultural industries and manufacturing industries that are stored at any one of its public warehouse facilities.

There are over 100,000 farms in Missouri, producing crops like rice, soybeans, corn and hay. Missouri also has an assortment of transportation equipment manufacturing plants, food-processing plants, aerospace equipment and, of course, beer.

Both our warehousing facilities, located in St. Louis and Kansas City, have the ability to supply storage and warehouse services for any of the industries indicated above. Our Missouri public warehouse contacts have freezer and cooling storage available, as well as HazMat, cross-docking and even contract warehousing.

Located in the middle of the U.S., Missouri serves as great location to move goods east or west. Our locations in St. Louis and Kansas City are a few hours from many of the biggest cities in the Midwest.

If you’re looking for contract or industrial warehousing in Missouri, give Affiliated Warehouse Companies a call and let them find the right warehouse for your company in Kansas City or St. Louis MO.