Preparing Your Warehouse For Peak Season

Busy warehouse for holiday season

It’s that time of year again, when people start to think of giving gifts during the upcoming holiday season. And when that happens, they order things like crazy, and that means it’s peak season for many warehouses around North America. After all, people want their items shipped well before December 25, and that means warehouses are hopping busy with activity in the autumn months. So how can you prepare your warehouse for peak season?

Peak Warehouse Season Tips

First, how’s your warehouse layout? Are things where they should be or is it an unorganized, chaotic mess right now? If the layout is impeding movement and hampering response times, then there should be a day or two when employees move things around to enhance the overall layout so things flow freely in and out of the warehouse. Smart inventory placement can save time and headaches. Pathways should be clear. The highest in-demand items should be most readily accessible for the peak season.

Next, how’s your inventory right now? Do you have enough “in stock” to handle the peak season or not? If not, do what you can to beef up your stock. Consult with various departments to check sales forecasts and projections. You want to be proactive this year rather than reactive. You want to have the things people want “in stock.” It’s a fine balance between having too little and too much. Find that balance.

Thirdly, how’s your current storage capacity? Are you utilizing your spaces well? You may need to add some containers to store things for the peak season. Also, do what you can to free up and/or consolidate pallets. Reduce your aisle width if necessary.

Finally, how’s the warehouse’s equipment? Whatever you think you’ll need (and use) should be repaired, serviced, inspected, maintained, etc. It’s got to be “all systems go” for peak season– this is the time of year when you don’t want to be dealing with broken equipment– you want all your equipment available and ready to use. Also, use the correct equipment if possible– invest in whatever you need to get the job done properly rather than relying on “the wrong tools or machines just because they’re there.”

Warehouses are busy places during peak season. Do what you can to streamline operations and make yours run smoothly before Christmas.

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