Reasons to Consider Drayage Services

container unit being handling lifting by forkliftThe term drayage refers to a logistics service that carries freight over a short distance. As a part of intermodal shopping, drayage is especially important to the container shipping industry. How else would freight or containers get from, say, a ship to a rail car or from rail to a truck? Drayage is an essential part of a longer logistics process.

What are some benefits of drayage services?

Cost Savings

First, drayage services can save on costs. After all, container rentals and chassis can be expensive. Ports often have limited capacity. Therefore, third-party logistics providers often offer affordable drayage services. They can move freight to off-site warehouses so that freight doesn’t block traffic at a busy port. Why have containers sit at the docks for long periods of time when they can be efficiently moved quickly to a local distribution center/warehouse to keep your business running smoothly?

Improved Safety

Drayage services often involve the use of warehouse management systems which reduce the handling of cargo in order to improve safety, get things moved faster (with more control), while minimizing damage and loss. If you care about keeping your goods safe and secure, drayage services can help, especially when trained personnel watch over the movement of your items, ensuring that cargo is handled safely.

Great Shipment Tracking Systems

Thirdly, if you’re offered the use of a tracking portal, utilize it! All units/parts are entered and tracked as they arrive and get shipped. This, in turn, brings more visibility to your supply chain and helps you keep track of what you have and where it is.

Many Affiliated Warehouse Companies (AWCO) clients provide container drayage services. If you need to move goods between ships and railways for domestic distribution, AWCO can help you find companies to safely move your products between harbors and rail ramps. With competitive pricing and availability to any port or railway in the U.S. or Canada, AWCO is ready to help facilitate container drayage services and freight forwarding– call 732-739-2323 for more information.