Tips for Improving eCommerce Sales

manager at eCommerce warehouse checking out orders on laptop Most companies these days want to improve their eCommerce sales. What are some tips to do so?

Social Media for eCommerce Sales

First, utilize social media. Many people spend hours and hours online, daily, checking their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts. Use your pages/posts to show what you offer and give potential customers incentives to make a purchase. For instance, if you offer a special “coupon” for $10 off that’s “good today only,” that could get them to buy what you’re selling, quickly. Focus on good branding, optimizing SEO, and, if you have one, using your email list to communicate with customers and potential customers.

Easy Return Process to Augment eCommerce Footprint

Next, do something most companies don’t do: offer a generous return policy so potential customers know they can easily return something and get something else or a refund. Online shoppers really care about easy-to-understand return policies, so give them what they want.

Quick Shipping on Orders

Thirdly, ship your orders fast, such that they get to the customer within a couple hours, or, more likely, a couple days. Customers don’t want to wait a month to receive something they ordered online. Do what you can to expedite shipping; Work with a great warehouse that runs smoothly and efficiently. As soon as orders “come in,” products should be shipped out of the warehouse within a couple hours so they get to buyers in a day or two, ideally!

Sometimes Less is More

Finally, consider offering less items for sale! While this might sound counterintuitive, people have too many choices these days and they’re bombarded by info and images. They can easily get decision fatigue, so don’t overwhelm them with your website or mobile pages. Keep your eCommerce offerings simple and streamlined. The easier it is for the customer to find what they like and pay for it, the better!

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