Warehouse Managers Often Have to Solve These Problems

Male Warehouse Worker Counting Inventory What are some common warehouse management problems? There are plenty, but here we can focus on some of the most common ones…

Same Old Processes

First, there’s the issue of redundant processes. For example, does it happen at your warehouse where workers pass the same ticket through multiple hands? This is time consuming and may not be needed. Why not use barcode technology and/or automated systems to maximize resource utilization instead of having redundant processes?

Imprudent Layout

Next, there’s poor facility layout, such that there is space available but it’s not being utilized well. This happens often, unfortunately. Someone needs to take a look at the space of the facility and figure out how to put things in certain places to maximize storage! Both floor and vertical space needs to be utilized while making sure everything is accessible. Whatever sells the most, and sells quickly, should be placed in a space that’s the most accessible in the whole facility.

Seasonal Spikes

Thirdly, another common warehouse management problem is dealing with seasonal demands. Information can help plan for this issue, such that the managers know timely and accurate details about manufacturing and retailing industry schedules. Planning and forecasting demand, as well as keeping up with supply chain visibility, can help warehouses prepare for high demand times, as well as low demand times as well.

Inventory Counts

Inaccurate inventory can be a problem. Information is key, right? If info is accurate, that’s great, but if the “system” data doesn’t match what’s on shelves or pallets, that can cause a lot of headaches. Handling inventory with accuracy and efficiency can help make a warehouse run well.

Labor Costs

Finally, what about high labor costs? Some warehouses are trying to reduce the cost of labor by replacing labor with automated systems. While “robots” help, most warehouses still do need human workers.

Warehouses require good managers if they’re to run efficiently and fix problems in a timely manner. If you’re looking for quality warehousing, learn how Affiliated Warehouse Companies can help.