Wearable Technologies May Change the Warehousing Industry

Wearable TechnologyFor the longest time, warehouse workers have had to visit computer workstations or use scanners to do their work. But imagine the future where things are “wearable.” Technology might make it possible to wear various hands-free devices such that updates and instructions appear in their line of sight. What would this mean for warehouse work? Well, workers could work faster and smarter thanks to wearable technology.

Perhaps there will be digital eyewear (glasses, contacts, etc.) and sensors placed around a warehouse such that devices communicate with each other and help employees know where they need to go, what they need to do, etc. Ideally, “man and machine” would be working in tandem to do the work that needs to be done. And, if designed well, this could lead to a safer and more productive work environment.

You might have heard of the term “The Internet of Things.” Well, that’s already something that people are experiencing. For instance, if you wear a fitness tracker or smartwatch, and it’s connected to the Internet, and, perhaps, your smartphone, you can see how things are being weaved together, right?

In the coming years, more and more devices will be not only connected to the Internet, but connected to each other! Imagine wearing a device that lets you check out of a store without ever having to wait in line at the cash register or even produce cash or a credit card at that checkpoint– instead, your wearable technology would do that sort of “checking out” automatically… And that kind of technology could be utilized in warehouses, as well as other places.

At this moment, many people use a handheld device to do their work. But what if that device was wearable, and, thus, hands-free? That seems to be where technology is headed in the not so distant future. Digital eyewear, data gloves, beacons, sensors and drones are all likely to improve supply chains.

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