What Are Examples of a “Green” Supply Chain?

Young warehouse worker consulting a tabletThese days it’s smart to think about the environment. We don’t want to live in a world where birds, fish and animals go extinct, leading to human extinction. We also don’t want to pollute the world anymore than it already is!

Thankfully, more and more companies are thinking about “green” supply chains. Basically, this is an environmentally-friendly approach to doing business, such that companies work to reduce their negative impacts on the environment. How do they do this? They modify their supply chain activities in order to be mindful of their environmental impact, business efficiency, and the values of today’s society.

And, of course, money figures into the green supply chain dynamic… companies like it when investing in green initiatives reduces supply chain costs.

Less Empty Miles

What are some examples of a green supply chain? Well, if a company can better utilize their trucks to always be carrying goods rather than “driving empty miles,” that lowers their carbon footprint and saves on transportation costs. When a company uses the “right-sized” packaging for products, that reduces waste. Imagine if a company sent huge envelopes or big boxes to customers that just contained a postcard inside– that wouldn’t be smart! Furthermore, using post-consumer recycled materials to ship goods ultimately helps reduce landfill waste.

More Digitization

One of the major developments in today’s society has been the shift from paper to digital, such that documents are done in a digital format, which means a lot less consumption of paper! Even such steps as emailing out company news to employees and customers rather than using paper to send a printed newsletter via mail can be a smart way to save money while also being environmentally-friendly.

Recycling Protocols

It’s also good business to recycle everything that can be recycled, which includes things like cardboard, paper, plastic, wood and metal. We have finite resources and shouldn’t act as if they’re infinite.

How Warehouses Can Help

Ideally, if you’re a business that utilizes a warehouse for your products/goods, you want it to be the kind of place that cares about the environment. Recycling should be the norm rather than the exception. And, ultimately, making strides with a green supply chain helps ensure that future generations benefit from the wise choices we make today.

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