What Are Some of the Challenges of Managing a Modern Warehouse?

Running a Modern Warehouse What are some challenges of managing a warehouse these days?

Maximizing Space

First, how well do you use the space you have available? Are your storage systems enhanced? What about your racking and pallet patterns? Do your receiving areas have the needed space such that operations can be done efficiently? Are pick paths pre-decided in order to maximize efficiency?

Communication at All levels

When supply chain decisions are made at a warehouse, is everyone on the same page? How’s the communication? For many warehouses, good communication can be a challenge– especially when messages don’t make it to their intended recipients for whatever reason. Oftentimes, communication can be improved by using the right applications and software– using technology to connect people in an efficient way.

Efficient Operations

How about time management? That’s a challenge! Are procedures known and ready such that orders get fulfilled quickly and shipped out on time? Is there a system in place to know the location of stock at all times so workers don’t waste time looking for things? Are employees using their time wisely or not?

Tracking Systems

Paperwork, data and the organization of various systems can prove challenging in warehouse environments. What happens when there are incorrect receipts or purchase orders? Chaos! Is there a manual (or automatic) tracking system in place and are orders verified for accuracy? Are employees properly trained to handle errors? Today’s technology, which includes online, cloud-based management software, can help enhance warehouse operations.

Customer Satisfaction First

Finally, those running a warehouse must remember that customers have high expectations these days. They want their orders to be accurate– always– and they want quick/short shipping times. If and when a warehouse has shortages, out of stock items, and/or delays, customers won’t be happy!

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