What Are the Most Important Warehousing Metrics?

Warehouse manager looking at analytical charts What are metrics? They’re data that helps a business measure certain aspects of their operations in order to achieve success, grow and optimize their work, ultimately satisfying customers.

When it comes to warehousing metrics, certain things can be measured. For instance, how quickly can something be packed, shipped and delivered? Metrics help figure out all sorts of things with regards to warehousing, including order accuracy, shipment status updates, real-time inventory, etc.

What are some key warehouse metrics that should be tracked, monitored and/or acted upon?

Fill Rates

First, consider order fill rates regarding the percentage of an order that is filled on the first shipment. Ideally, it’s better to ship everything at once rather than have to send several packages out for the same order, right?

Punctual Shipping

Next, there’s on-time shipping. Customers hate waiting too long to receive their order. These days, thanks to automation, robotics and drones, faster on-time shipping is possible.

High Standards

Thirdly, there’s “the perfect order.” Basically, warehouses strive to provide the perfect order whereas customers receive the product(s) they ordered, on-time, undamaged, and with the correct paperwork. Ideally, warehouses want to be error-free, right?

Other Metrics

Also, consider the tracking of trailers. It’s good to have an accurate account of where trailers are at all times. What are their locations and their statuses? Things like Yard Management Systems (YMS), robotics and automation can help with this particular metric.

What are two other metrics to consider? Why not record storage temperatures? This is especially important for warehouses storing food. And then there’s customer retention. It’s good to know how many customers keep coming back during certain periods. Is overall retention increasing or decreasing?

These are just some metrics to consider for warehouses.

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