What Do the Best Warehouses Do to Keep Their Facilities Clean?

Clean Warehouses What are some things the best warehouses do in order to keep their facilities clean and organized so they can be effective and productive?

Optimal Space Usage

The best warehouses utilize their space well. They use racks and shelves, stacking things high into the air. They use floor labeling and marking systems so forklift routes are defined and even people who’ve never been there can easily understand the flow of traffic. Furthermore, there are designated parking spaces for forklifts, so they’re “out of the way” when they need to be, rather than just sitting randomly in an aisle, blocking people and the movement of goods. Also, the best warehouses utilize portable expanding scissor barriers which help keep people and goods safe while cordoning off certain parts of the facility, too.

Prudent Layout Decisions

Think about the layout of a facility. It makes the most sense to keep high-volume goods near the shipping area. Products that come and go quickly should be the most accessible!

A Place for Waste

As for cleanliness, it’s important to have plenty of garbage cans/waste bins in the warehouse. Once they’re filled, obviously they need to be emptied. There’s nothing worse than a facility that “forgets” to take out its garbage– because once the bins are full, where does extra trash go? It usually ends up on the floor, creating a safety hazard, or in random boxes, making the place much messier than it should be.

Routine Schedules

Well-run warehouses have a cleaning plan and schedule so that the work actually “gets done” on a regular basis, rather than being left to “whenever.” Usually, high traffic areas receive the most care and attention. Someone should be in charge of assigning priority cleaning tasks for daily, weekly or monthly cleanings. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to divide the space into zones and then assign certain employees to be responsible for taking good care of their zone(s). If there’s a slow shipping day, workers can turn their attention to doing a “major clean-up” that day. Or certain days/times of the work week (or month) can be designated as clean-up times, when everyone pitches in to tackle cleaning tasks in their assigned zone(s).

A Smart Recycling Program

Finally, the best warehouses take the time and care to recycle stuff. Recycling bins are used to store stuff that can later be recycled.

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