When Should You Use Cross Docking Services?

Cross Docking Services

Cross docking services refers to a practice in logistics of which incoming trailers or rail cars are unloaded directly to a customer or retail chain with little or no storage involved. Typically, they are the inbound and outbound sides on the docking terminal, as products are received on the inbound dock then almost immediately sent to the outbound transportation dock.

So when should you consider utilizing cross docking services?

Here are examples of when you should consider using cross docking services:

• You’re in a time crunch. Perhaps the delivery is running behind and you need it to get to the retailer right away; as such, taking advantage of cross docking services could be the most efficient way to get the goods where they need to go.

• You’re carrying too high a load. Perhaps you overextended your driver or a late addition was made, but either way, to ensure you’re compliant, it may make sense to unload items at a cross dock.

• You have time sensitive items. Whether it’s temperature sensitive or other perishable products, you can utilize cross docking services that have dry, A/C, cooler or freezer warehousing space to keep the products fresh and on the right assembly line to get to retailers.

• You can save on transportation costs. Let’s say you have a bunch of small inventory product loads; rather than inefficiently transport them to where they need to go, you can consolidate to save on transportation costs.

Above all else, cross docking services provide opportunities for logistic companies to be more efficient and help their bottom lines.

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