Where Are the Best Places to Store Products?

Warehouse worker or manager giving a thumbs up next to a stack of pallets Do you have products and need to store them somewhere? What are some things to think about when it comes to the best places to store your products?

Location, Location, Location

First, where are the majority of your customers located? It makes sense that the storage warehouse for your products would be nearby– so if your market is Buffalo, NY, it wouldn’t make sense to have your warehouse in Seattle, WA. Basically, you don’t want to deal with high shipping costs.

Storage Space Type

Next, what kind of storage space do you need? You want to make sure the place you store your particular products has enough room for them, and the right conditions to store them in satisfactorily. For instance, if you need your products kept cold, you want them at a warehouse that offers refrigerated/freezer storage. Similarly, if your products are flammable or hazardous, you’d want to make sure your storage space is set up to handle such items.

Finding the Right Staff

Thirdly, besides finding a good location and the kind of storage you need, you also want to make sure there are workers who are qualified, skilled and show up to take care of the place. A warehouse could look beautiful, but what good is it if it doesn’t have enough workers or its workers are lazy, sloppy or apathetic? Obviously, you want to work with warehouse workers who actually care about doing a good job.


Finally, some other things to consider are how close is the space to carrier services, is it easily accessible, and are there any risks? For instance, if you had to pick between a warehouse in a crime-ridden area versus one with a low crime rate, obviously you’d pick the safer spot.

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