Wisconsin | Warehouse Services

Thanks to its close proximity to Canada, Wisconsin is a popular state for industrial businesses to send inventory through. Consequently, there will inevitably be a time when those aforementioned businesses need warehousing space.

Fortunately, Affiliated Warehousing Companies is able to help. We have a formed many contacts throughout the Badger State, including Milwaukee. Regardless of whether your company needs public or industrial warehousing space, or simply needs a trucking or distribution service, our company will find a reliable business to handle your needs.

Please check out the sidebar on the left for a better indication of the types of services our contacts specialize in. The next time your business needs a company to pick up, transport or store your inventory in Milwaukee and Stevens Point Wisconsin, give Affiliated Warehouse Companies a call at 732-739-2323 or you can fill out the form below to make a general or specific request.