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Our Oklahoma City client – D & M Distribution Services, Inc.

MATHEW DALE DALLAS This was sent from the President of D&M Distribution Services our Oklahoma City, OK warehouse client about his partner Major Matthew Dale Dallas 1938 -2018. Something to really be Thankful for! Barry, thanks for sharing this piece and shows true honor and dedication! So courageous and a true hero!   This weekend… Read more »

Interstate Cold Storage Expanding Murfreesboro, TN Facility in 2019.

Interstate Cold Storage Expanding Murfreesboro, TN Facility in 2019. See press release by clicking on the link below! Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc cooler and freezer warehouse client in  Chicago, IL,  Cincinnati, OH,  Indianapolis, IN  Suffolk, VA, and Murfreesboro, TN continues to grow and add more jobs to the great state of Tennessee! Way to go… Read more »

Things to Consider If You’re Starting a Warehousing Business

Are you thinking about opening up your own warehousing business? If so, it’s not necessarily as simple as just finding an available warehouse and filling it with stuff. You need to carefully consider a few things before you start your business. Here are some questions you should ask yourself prior to moving into a warehouse…. Read more »

We Can’t Wait to Attend the Summer Fancy Food Show!

Every year, the Specialty Food Association holds the Summer Fancy Food Show. The show is designed to be the largest specialty food industry trade event in all of North America, and it helps different companies that work within the food industry space to show off their latest innovations to those in attendance. Affiliated Warehouse Companies… Read more »

How Warehouses are Designing Tech-Friendly Systems for Workers

For years now, most of the companies that rent out warehouses throughout North America have relied on handheld scanning devices designed by Motorola Systems Inc. to keep track of their inventory. These devices, which are commonly called bricks, are found in many warehouses and help companies to carry out their operations. However, over the last… Read more »

Preventative Measures Hazmat Warehouses Should Consider Taking

Do you work in a warehouse that specializes in storing and shipping hazardous materials? If so, you should take certain preventive measures to ensure that your hazmat warehouse is safe as it can possibly be. You can start by learning about the rules and regulations put in place by organizations like OSHA, DOT, and the… Read more »

Warehouse Demand Continues to Increase in Dallas, TX

Are you looking for warehouse space to rent in the Dallas, TX area right now? You might have a hard time getting your hands on it, because there are more and more companies renting the available space in the area. As of early March, the warehouse vacancy rate in Dallas and nearby Fort Worth sat… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Warehouse for the Summer Heat

Is your company’s warehouse air conditioned? If not, it’s going to get awfully hot inside of it once the temperatures start to rise this summer. There are steps you should take to keep your warehouse space as cool as possible. Take a look at tips for doing it below. Install ceiling fans and industrial fans…. Read more »

Technologies That Could Help Warehouses Become More Efficient

Companies that utilize warehouses are always looking for new ways to become more efficient. One way many of them do it is by incorporating cutting-edge forms of technology into their warehouses. Technology can be used to make everything from receiving shipments to finding items in the warehouse much easier. Check out a few forms of… Read more »

An Overview of Our Rewarding Partnership with Hall’s Warehouse Corp.

If your company is looking to use warehouse space, there’s a good chance that Affiliated Warehouse Companies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We work closely with a large number of warehouse partners throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and are more than capable of tracking down the ideal warehouse for you… Read more »