How Do Get Rid of Extra Inventory taking up Warehouse Space

If you have excess inventory, there are several ways to get rid of it. Consider returning items to your supplier for a refund or credit. Or think about diverting your inventory to new products. You could take what you have and create something new with it– for instance, converting scrap into something others can utilize…. Read more »

Wearable Technologies May Change the Warehousing Industry

For the longest time, warehouse workers have had to visit computer workstations or use scanners to do their work. But imagine the future where things are “wearable.” Technology might make it possible to wear various hands-free devices such that updates and instructions appear in their line of sight. What would this mean for warehouse work?… Read more »

What Should You Know About Contract Warehousing?

What is contract warehousing and what should you know about it? Terms of Service When you make an agreement with a warehouse to receive, store and ship goods for you and the agreement runs for more than 30 days, that’s contract warehousing in a nutshell. Your contract lays out the terms of service and length… Read more »

How Warehouses Can Keep Employees Safe

Amazon has been in the news a lot lately…but not for the reasons they would like. Per an OSHA report, serious injuries were nearly double the industry average at Amazon warehouses. Certainly, this is not a stat any warehouse wants to be a leader in. Rather than pile on Amazon though, let’s discuss what warehouses… Read more »

Does Your Business Need a Third Party Logistics Partner?

Does your business need a third party logistics partner? If you don’t have the time, money or interest to manage your own warehousing and distribution, as well as things like handling regulatory compliance and meeting more and more complex logistical needs, you might need a third party logistics partner. Typically, here’s what happens: a company… Read more »