Will Global Warehousing Costs Increase?

The global pandemic has had quite the impact on all sorts of things, including warehousing and warehousing costs. Both shippers and consignees can expect global warehousing costs to increase. Why? Well, there’s high demand and low supply. Combine that with rising construction costs, and you can expect warehousing rents to increase by 10% or more… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Warehouse for e-Commerce Growth

Is the warehouse you currently use prepared for e-commerce growth? Or are the ones you’re looking at prepared? What if you work at a warehouse? How can warehouses prepare for inevitable e-commerce growth?  Order Picking No matter what the industry, the most labor-intensive and costly activity for most warehouses is order-picking. What can help that… Read more »

Don’t Let the Summer Heat Adversely Affect Warehouse Operations 

Don’t let the summer heat adversely affect your warehouse operations. What are some things a warehouse can do to keep cool in the summer? Screens Consider utilizing metal screen doors to help with airflow. Rather than just leaving a normal door open, which can invite pests and bugs inside, screened doors are ideal. Insulation  Check… Read more »

An Overview of Important Warehouse Zones

Warehouses may have different zones used for different purposes. Certain items need to be stored in certain ways. For example, certain things might need to be stored above or below a certain temperature. Or, if something is volatile, it might need a special cabinet, area or room. Zoned storage involves locating items in a specific… Read more »

What Are Examples of a “Green” Supply Chain?

These days it’s smart to think about the environment. We don’t want to live in a world where birds, fish and animals go extinct, leading to human extinction. We also don’t want to pollute the world anymore than it already is! Thankfully, more and more companies are thinking about “green” supply chains. Basically, this is… Read more »

How Warehouse Efficiency Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Warehouse efficiency can have a big effect on your bottom line. The more efficient the warehouse is, the more money saved and the more profit realized, ideally. Working with an efficient warehouse will help you satisfy your customers’ needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Warehouse Situation While most businesses spend a lot of time… Read more »

How Third Party Logistic Partners Are Helping During the Pandemic

The global pandemic changed the way most businesses do business. Indeed, 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses who had to learn to adapt to changing conditions and regulations. COVID-19 definitely altered supply chains. It also led to a shift from retail to e-commerce. As if online orders weren’t already exploding, with most people… Read more »

What Are the Most Critical Parts of Warehouse Operations?

What are the most critical parts of warehouse operations? Well, they are the basics: receiving, put-away, storage, picking, packing and shipping. Receiving With receiving, a warehouse needs to verify that what is taken in is what they expect! For instance, they check to make sure what they’re taking in is indeed the correct product, with… Read more »